If you think OTHERS should mask for YOU, YOU are who is SELFISH

If you think OTHERS should mask for YOU, YOU are who is SELFISH

October 25, 2020

By Jon Sandlin

Time to get real. If you think somone else needs to wear a mask to protect YOU from them.  YOU are a selfish entitled A**hole.

COVID 19 has been an unwelcome new Coronavirus, with new deaths added daily.  Thankfully COVID, like all other coronaviruses, has had a VERY high likley survivability rate.  Unlike ebola (which carries a 25% to 90% fatality rate) almost everyone who gets COVID will survive.  Any death from COVID, the FLU, the Cold, the limitless number of other viruses are horrible.  All losses of life are tragic.  But one thing we all share in common is we will all lose our life to something.  You cannot prevent it.

What you can prevent, is your own death from COVID 19.  How can you prevent it?  Lockdown in your room and never leave.  We can assure you, that if you do not leave your room or come within 20 feet of another human being, you will NOT die from COVID.  Sure you will die from something else.  Most likley depression or any mirade of other issues that occur from living in isolation.  But you can guarantee. If you do not leave your room.  You WILL NOT die from COVID.

SO who is reallly selfish during COVID?  The people willing to risk living their life like always? Or the ones who want everyone to lockdown due to their own fear?

The reality is, people MUST live life in order to provide the things you need to be able to live in fear.  Not only that.  Those same individuals, need to be able to live as they see fit.  You see, only YOU can choose to gurantee you will not get COVID.  Do not live in the illusion that if everyone does what you want, it will go away.  VIRUSES, do not care about YOUR opinion. 

YOUR choice is the same as EVERYONES CHOICE.  Leave your home and accept risk or do not.  Nothing anyone in the goverment says can change that.  No Republican or Democrat can make this disappear.  The VIRUS, has no political party.

So, you have two choices. Stay at home in your room and you will never get COVID OR live your life.  But, stop shaming people who are willing to live their life.  YOU, are the one who is selfish, if you think anyone needs to change their behavior for you. Only YOU can already GUARANTEE your own saftey by staying inside.

Just know.  It is YOU who is SELFISH, not the other way around.